Spinblades Black Belt 320 size 320 mm


Spinblades Black Belt 320

  • Size: 320mm

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Spinblades Black Belt 320 size 320 mm

The enormous performance of this blade has been demonstrated during several high profile international competitions including the 2014 Heli Masters World Championship won by Dunkan Bossion.
This unique airfoil has been selected to compliment the ever demanding needs of modern machines both Nitro and electric.
Spinblades have created a blade which has optimum aerodynamic capability by having a constant drag factor over the entire blade length which by design has increased efficiency dramatically (test runs in the wind tunnel have proved a drag reduction of 30% has been achieved).
Therefore cyclic reaction times are sharper and faster than previous Spin designs with greater acceleration and deceleration compared to the other conventional blade on the market.
Spinblades have also chosen a new carbon fiber product that has improved the overall strength of the blade and for safety reasons we have reinforced the Kevlar taking into account the constantly increasing rpm requirements that pilots demand.